Individual approach towards health according to Ayurvedic medicine

Individual approach towards health according to Ayurvedic medicine


The Ayervedic model of understanding health and illnesses differs from the model of the allopathic medicine.

While western medicine observes the body and its functions from mechanistic perspective, the Ayurvedic medicine approaches it holistic, i.e. defines the health as bodily, emotional, psychological and spiritual balance.

This balance is measured in correlation to the original constitution of man – prakriti, which is given to them at birth and which should be maintained throughout the entire life, so that their health state remains undisturbed.

The prakriti is different for different people, and it depends on the ratio of three basic biophysical energies (doshas): vata, pitta and kapha.

Each of them has its functions and characteristics.

Bio-physiological energy and diagnosis of health issues

All people have characteristics of all three doshas, but in different ratios.

These ratios are the thing that determines your physical and psychological features.

We can say that the prakriti is the only energetic signature of an individual, which is characteristic only for them, just like fingerprints.

The ayurvedic doctor determines the prakriti by a method called pulse diagnostics. He also determines the level of imbalance of the doshas, called vikriti.

The doctor can determine which constitutional type you are and which dosha or doshas are the prominent one/ones in your physiology by your pulse.

That is the first step in the diagnosis of health issues and in the prescription of the adequate therapy.

With further analysis of the dosha, the sub-types of dosha and the level of imbalance, you can get to the complete picture of someone’s health state.

The ayurveda is familiar with all dosha characteristics and their influence on people, so once the prakriti of a person is determined, their physiological and psychological advantages and disadvantages are also revealed, as well as the illnesses they are prone to.

That has a major role in the identification of the diagnosis, the therapy, and the prevention of numerous complex illnesses.

Health issues typical for the vata types:

  • Migraines
  • Digestive problems – constipation, bloating
  • Pain in the joints
  • Dry or rough skin
  • Insomnia
  • Weight loss
  • Increased heart rate
  • General weakness
  • Memory loss
  • Feelings of distress and predispositions to anxiety

Health issues typical for pitta types:

  • Heartburn
  • Skin diseases – eczema, psoriasis, acne and so on
  • Liability to inflammation and infection
  • Liver issues
  • Sleeping issues
  • Problems with the eyesight
  • Premature gray hair
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Problems with the control of emotions – liability to anger

Health issues typical for kapha types:

  • Asthma
  • Sinusitis
  • Diet disorders – anorexia, bulimia
  • Liability to obesity and overweight
  • Poor digestion
  • Lethargy
  • Depression
  • Pain in the lower back

Taking in consideration the fact that the prakriti is connected to certain tendencies which determine the liability to some illnesses, the ancient ayurvedic texts establish some rules about the lifestyle of each of the constitutional types, which serve for health maintenance.

These rules include various recommendations, like examples of daily and seasonal routines, adequate diets, and even advices on the choice of the appropriate profession.

Here we present the general recommendations for each type. Do not forget that each person’s physiology is different and everyone should consult an ayurvedic doctor for the right therapy.

Vata – recommendations

Vata types are recommended to consume warm, fatty and spicy food.

The appropriate tastes for these people are sweet, sour and salty.

These people should avoid green leafy vegetables, and they should only consume raw vegetables if they are marinated or moistened with a proper dressing.

Food that influences these people especially bad is beans, and when it comes to oil consumption, they are recommended to consume sesame oil.

Vata people can be calmed down by consuming huge amounts of water, easy physical efforts such as walking, warm food, drinks and clothes, as well as active interaction with other people.

Pitta – recommendations

People who are of pitta dosha type need to consume cold, raw food that includes a lot of green vegetables.

The recommended tastes for these people are sweet, bitter and astringent.

Grains, fruits and dairy products can also be of great help, while too much salt, oil, alcohol and red meat can lead pitta people to imbalance.

Pitta type of people is recommended to exercise regularly, in nature, if possible.

These people should eat slowly; they should fast from time to time, and avoid pungent food.

They should drink cold beverages that calm the fire down.

Pitta people should spend more time with their family, which makes them calmed.

The best and the recommended job position for these people is the leader position, which is good for their mental health.

Kapha – recommendations

The kapha type of people should pay most attention to proper diet. This is especially due to the fact that they have good appetite, but slow metabolism.

Everyday, active exercising is of crucial importance for the kapha type of people, and they should especially avoid afternoon napping, as it can result in diabetes.

These people should not consume citrus fruits, dairy products and red meat.

Kapha type of people is the only type that is allowed to consume all types of raw fruits and vegetables.

Generally, these people should eat moderately, almost ascetically.

They are recommended to drink warm beverages, to fast regularly and to often practice going to the sauna.



This herb also helps with issues like: bleeding, bites from insects, sickness and vomiting, eczema and dermatitis, laryngitis, mild diarrhea, especially in children, gout and rheumatism, hemorrhoids, stomach ulcers, etc.

Lady’s mantle (lat. Alchemilla vulgaris) contains flavonoids, organic acids, tannins, phitostearines, salicylic acid, ethereal oil and a real treasury of vitamin C.

Thanks to the abundance of tannins, lady’s mantle has bitter taste, but it also has powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect. Most of its fame lady’s mantle owes to its powerful properties to fight women diseases. It is one of the most efficient herbs when it comes to fighting women diseases.

Even the famous Swiss herbalist Johan Kincle has claimed that 30 percent of the gynecological surgeries can be avoided with the consumption of lady’s mantle tea.

Ideal herb for pregnant women

One of the most difficult problems some women face is the impossibility to become pregnant. Lady’s mantle is the best herbal source for treating infertility. It works as an excellent hormone regulator, it stimulates the growth of progesterone and it leads to more regular menstrual cycles, which is also very important when a woman tries to conceive. Also, this herb efficiently reduces the body weight and it help in treating polycystic ovaries.

Lady’s mantle is also beneficial for weak uterus and by strengthening the uterus it protects pregnant women from spontaneous abortion.

Every woman that has recently given birth should drink lady’s mantle tea 8 to 10 days after the delivery.

This herb is also recommended for injuries after the delivery, for recovery after difficult deliveries and for getting rid of loose belly.

It is beneficial in the PMS and in the menopausal period

Besides the abovementioned effects lady’s mantle has on women health, it also efficiently treats myoma, cysts, and endometriosis, it relieves menstrual pain and symptoms, it regulates the menstrual cycle and it relieves the symptoms of menopause.

Lady’s mantle is also used for treating painful and intense menstruations, as it contains tannins and astringents that normalize the bleeding. If you combine lady’s mantle with the shepherd’s purse plant, you will get a remedy against all women diseases and illnesses.

Lady’s mantle’s baths, tampons and rinsing with lady’s mantle are efficient in fighting fungi, bacterial vaginitis, and other infections. You should soak a tampon in a lady’s mantle tincture and use it as vaginalette.

It destroys bacteria and viruses

The latest scientific researches show that lady’s mantle prevents the growth of numerous types of bacteria, including staphylococci, the bacterium that has become resistant to a great number of antibiotics. Lady’s mantle is thought to have antiviral properties as well.

Taking in consideration that lady’s mantle efficiently renews and tones the uterus, and that it helps in healing wounds, we can conclude that it is an incredible means for treating diseases caused by humani papiloma virus (HPV).

Japanese scientists have found out that a substance found in lady’s mantle, agrimonin, inhibits breast cancer.

It also helps in treating bleeding, insect bites, sickness and vomiting, eczema and dermatitis, laryngitis, mild diarrhea, especially in children, gout and rheumatism, hemorrhoids, stomach ulcers.

Lady’s mantle tea

Take a teaspoon of lady’s mantle and add it to a cup of hot water. Leave it for about five to ten minutes, and then strain it. You should drink this tea in sips, two cups a day.

Tea for rinsing

Boil 30 to 50 grams of dried lady’s mantle herb without roots in a liter of water. Rinse the vagina with this tea, or use it as clysters for eliminating problems with the intestines.


Take 200 grams of dried or fresh lady’s mantle and boil it in three liters of water. Then, pour it in your bathtub previously prepared with water and stay in that water for about 10 to 20 minutes before you go to bed.


People that have problems with their stomach, liver, or the gallbladder should consume lady’s mantle in smaller amounts.

How to Use Turmeric for Skin Lightening

How to Use Turmeric for Skin Lightening – Ultimate Guide

Are you on a hunt for buying a Skin Lightening cream/mask? Do give it a second thought!

Most of the Skin Lightening Creams available in the market are not only expensive but also filled with preservatives and harmful chemicals. Instead of giving a solution to your problem, they let you suffer from age spots, dark spots, acne scars etc. There are many Skin Lightening/ Skin Whitening products that promise a lot but are actually hoax.

Well, the main problem is “ingredients”. That is why it is always advised to check the ingredient list before buying any product. How about using organic products with natural ingredients having zero side effects? Instead of splurging a lot on chemical products, one should try natural ingredients which are gifted by God itself. In case of Skin Lightening, Turmeric is the key ingredient which you must necessarily look for in a product. Indeed, nothing could be better than using turmeric for skin lightening!


5 Facts You Never Knew About Turmeric as Skin Lightening Agent!

  1. Turmeric is not a new name in the beauty conscious world we live in. We have been using this skin lightening agent for generations.
  2. Turmeric is also famous by the name of Curcumin, which is a part of turmeric itself. It is believed that Curcumin is more potent than the entire turmeric content.
  3. Turmeric/ Curcuma longa is a prominent member of the ginger family.
  4. It naturally occurs in India and parts of Southern Asia.
  5. Apart from being a culinary spice used in cooking, it is also used as a face mask, toothpaste, acne gel, soap, and painkiller medicine.

Is Turmeric Really Good for Skin Lightening?

Turmeric is a secret weapon used in different skin-care products because of its Anti-microbial properties and ability to work as an anti-inflammatory agent. Also, its antioxidant properties make it a powerful tone boosting ingredient. Another most important property which makes it a perfect for skin lightening is its tendency to lower down the volume of melanin from the skin.

Role of Melanin in Skin Lightening

Melanin is one such pigment present in the skin which shields the underlying tissues from UV radiation. This pigment is produced by the activation of the enzyme Tyrosinase and is actually responsible for the color of our skin. Lesser the melanin production, lighter the skin tone will be. In the same way, increase in melanin production will lead to a darker skin tone.

Well, be it a dark toned person or fair skinned, everyone has melanin present in the skin but in a different ratio. Naturally, in some people production of melanin is low which makes their skin light. But in some cases, even if the skin is white, certain conditions like tanning, sun exposure, contact with harmful chemicals, and hormonal change in the body can stimulate the production of melanin.

How Turmeric Works for Skin Lightening

The traditional medicine systems like Ayurveda and Homeopathy have long used turmeric powder to treat a variety of medical conditions. One of them is for Skin Lightening/ Skin Whitening. Turmeric has some natural powerful compounds in it which plays a significant role in reducing excessive production of melanin and turns an unclear skin into a beautiful glowing skin.

Fortunately, science has discovered numerous benefits of turmeric for skin, especially for natural whitening that work without causing any harmful side effects. This natural ingredient work by:

  1. Resisting harmful UV rays from the sun and preventing the skin from tanning.
  2. Inhibiting the production of melanin in the skin which causes the dark pigmentation.

Now let’s see what scientists say about this culinary spice.

Scientific Research

Turmeric is probably one of the richest and most effective natural supplements. There are numerous studies being carried out for Turmeric to support its array of benefits in skin care and for the human body in general.

After a successful investigation and clinical trials done by scientists, it has been proved that turmeric has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-neoplastic, anti-proliferative and antimicrobial properties which help in treating several skin diseases and cures. The credit goes to an active compound present in Turmeric, Curcumin. However, Curcumin can also be used individually medically to treat a variety of dermatological diseases. The study also concluded that turmeric/curcumin products and supplements, both oral and topical, are well efficient to provide therapeutic benefits for skin health.

Skin Lightening Properties of Turmeric

We all are aware of the fact that all of us are born with different skin tones. And, after reading this article, you know the reason as well. Yes, this is because of the melanin present in the epidermis, or top layer, of the skin. More quantity of melanin in the skin results in a darker the skin tone. This is a natural process and should be treated naturally using natural ingredients. Now let’s study skin lightening properties of turmeric in detail.

  1. Turmeric comes with a solution for people suffering from pigmentation problem.
  2. It is enough capable to take out all the blemishes and dark spots from the skin.
  3. It is still unknown to a large number of people that in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, turmeric is considered best anti-inflammatory herb used to treat skin conditions.
  4. Compounds present in turmeric like Curcumin help regenerate skin cells and accelerate wound healing. Also, it helps recover dead cells present in the skin.
  5. Turmeric being an antioxidant keeps a regular check on skin lightening molecule, Glutathione. It helps shields the skin from daily exposure to sun, pollution and other things that stress our skin.

Turmeric for Dark Spots and Acne Scars

Dark spots and acne scars more often than not act as a roadblock for an even-toned skin. But now you don’t need to keep a memo of your old dark spots and acne scars. It is now easy to keep them at bay! Turmeric will eliminate all of them from your skin and that too at least expected time. To know How? Read the complete article and do as we suggest.

Before discussing the remedy, let’s talk about the cause of dark spots and acne scars first! Well, Dark Spots accumulate due to heavy sun exposure. Yes, this is one of the main reasons for such problem. Spending more time with Sun can cause brown spots, freckles, burns and even skin cancer. When harmful UV rays touch the skin, in response the body produces melanin which results in hyperpigmentation. Hence this intensifies acne scars, dark spots and makes you look darker.

Turmeric Skin Lightening Mask Recipe

Good news is we have a home-made natural remedy for the treatment of dark spots, acne scars, and skin lightening. This skin lightening remedy is ideal for all skin types and effectively solves skin related issues. Check the complete remedy below:

Collect Things for This Remedy

  1. Turmeric in Powder form
  2. Honey (it acts as moisturizer)
  3. Lemon (it acts as a cleanser)
  4. Small Bowl
  5. 2 – 4 Cotton balls
  6. Liquid toner
  7. Moisturizer

Prepare the Mixture

  • Take a bowl and drop a few tablespoon of powdered turmeric into it.
  • Now, add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice in the bowl. Stir it well. Then, add more lemon juice to it. Keep stirring it till the whole turmeric gets mixed up. (Do not pour the whole lemon juice at once. Quantity of lemon juice will depend on the quantity of turmeric used)
  • Add 2 tablespoon of honey to the mixture. Stir it well.
  • Better stir it with your fingers, till you reach the desired consistency. It should be a little bit thick so that it can be applied to the face without any trouble. It should stick to your fingers with a bit of moisture.

How to Apply

  1. Clean your face using a facewash properly so that all the dust particles are removed from your face.
  2. Apply the mixture to your face. You can apply it in “8-shape” style from forehead to cheeks covering the nose.
  3. Keep it for 15 min
  4. Now you can clean it using cotton balls and liquid toner.
  5. Wait for 5 minutes and rinse your face with lukewarm water
  6. Now apply a moisturizer to your face.
  7. You can do this every Sunday till you get all your blemishes removed.


  • You can use plastic gloves so that it may not stain your nails.
  • To prevent allergic reactions, test smaller areas on your skin before applying the whole mask.

Turmeric to Lighten Skin and Anti-Aging

Do you know the color of our skin decides our age? You may think it is a joke but it is not!

It is a fact that people with a dark skin tone are less prone to wrinkles than those with a fair complexion. Yes, it has been proved scientifically that signs of aging start to appear more quickly on the face of a lighter skin type. Do you still want to lighten your skin?

Aging is that bitter truth of life which we all have to swallow and is surely inevitable. But who says this truth is bitter? This can be a blessing if you accept it as a part of life. This all depends on the vision of beholder. Eartha Kitt said, “Aging has a wonderful beauty and we should have respect for that”.

As we age, our body experiences numerous changes which are reflected in our skin. With time, our skin loses its elasticity which is due to the decrease in estrogen level in our body. Due to lack of estrogen, the skin produces less collagen which takes the shape of wrinkles. Another factor is Glutathione, which comes on a spree of declining with growing age.

Have You Heard About the Term Glutathione Before?

Glutathione is one of the most powerful and important antioxidants of the human body. It is present in each and every cell of the body and plays a pivotal role in detoxifying our cells. Moreover, it helps in removing heavy metals, toxins and free radicals from our body. This is much like a protective shield of cells which protects them from getting damaged.

The best part is it can be used to whiten skin and help improve complexion. For proof, one study was conducted by few scientists where 60 people participated actively. After 4 weeks, astonishing results were found which left people amazed. It says that Glutathione, when consumed orally, can actually help whiten the skin.

No need to go for supplements! You can get it from turmeric itself.

Power of Turmeric

Well, there is no complete prevention of aging skin but can be minimized up to a certain level.

Yes, it is possible! Age spots can be minimized by enhancing collagen and Glutathione levels in the body. Turmeric is that wonder herb which will help you achieve youthful skin goals. The anti-aging effects of turmeric are remarkable, which not only helps lighten complexion, clear age spots but also defy wrinkles.

It has been scientifically proved that turmeric extract if used daily (consumed or applied) can help prevent skin thickness. Being a powerful antioxidant, it can reduce skin elasticity and prevent the formation of wrinkles which are eventually related to skin aging. Hence, it helps in many ways to delay signs of aging.

If you are wondering what could be the remedy to treat Anti-aging skin, then here is the remedy:

Collect Things for Anti-Aging Remedy

  1. 1 tablespoon of Turmeric in Powder form
  2. 1 tablespoon of Gram flour
  3. 1 tablespoon of Honey
  4. 10 ml Milk
  5. 1 tablespoon of Lemon juice
  6. Small Bowl
  7. 2 – 4 Cotton balls

Prepare the Mixture

  • Take a bowl and put powdered turmeric and gram flour into it.
  • Thereafter, pour a little bit of milk into it and keep stirring it till the whole turmeric gets mixed up. Keep on adding milk slowly, till you reach the desired consistency.
  • Now, add lemon juice and honey to the mixture. Stir it well.
  • Better stir it with your fingers. It should be a little bit thick so that it can be applied to the face without any trouble. It should stick to your fingers with a bit of moisture.

How to Apply

  • Clean your face using a facewash properly so that all the dust particles are removed from your face.
  • Apply the mixture to your face. You can apply it in “8-shape” style from forehead to cheeks covering the nose.
  • Keep it for 15 min
  • Now you can clean it using cotton balls.
  • Wait for 5 minutes and rinse your face with lukewarm water.
  • You can do this every Sunday to maintain the youthfulness of your naturally glowing skin.


  • You can use plastic gloves so that it may not stain your nails.
  • To prevent allergic reactions, test smaller areas on your skin before applying the whole mask.

How to Use Turmeric for Skin Whitening and Pigmentation

In India, Turmeric is considered as a God gift. It is used in marriage rituals and is applied to both bride and groom for the purpose of skin whitening. This ultimately brings a natural glow on the couple’s face.

Secondly, being a potent antioxidant, turmeric is highly effective against hyperpigmentation. Moreover, its antifungal and anti-inflammatory qualities are icing on the cake.

Turmeric Skin Lightening Mask

Preparing a turmeric skin lightening mask is a gameplay of 5 minutes. It is not only cost-effective but also possesses tremendous beauty and health benefits. Without wasting much time let’s see how to use turmeric for skin whitening and pigmentation now.

Collect Things for Skin Whitening and Pigmentation Remedy

  1. 1 tablespoon of Turmeric in Powder form
  2. 1 tablespoon of Lemon juice
  3. Aloe vera
  4. Small Bowl
  5. 2 – 4 Cotton balls

Prepare the Mixture

  • Take a bowl and put powdered turmeric into it.
  • Thereafter, add a little bit of lemon juice to it.
  • Now, you can add one tablespoon of water to the mixture. Stir it well, till you reach the desired consistency.
  • Now, add aloe vera to the mixture. Keep on stirring!
  • Better stir it with your fingers. It should be a little bit thick so that it can be applied to the face without any trouble. It should stick to your fingers with a bit of moisture.

How to Apply

  • Clean your face using a facewash properly so that all the dust particles are removed from your face if any.
  • Apply the mixture to your face. You can apply it in “8-shape” style from forehead to cheeks covering the nose.
  • Keep it for 15 min
  • Now you can clean it using cotton balls.
  • Wait for 5 minutes and rinse your face with lukewarm water.
  • You can do this every Sunday to maintain the youthfulness of your naturally glowing skin.


  • You can use plastic gloves so that it may not stain your nails.
  • To prevent allergic reactions, test smaller areas on your skin before applying the whole mask.

Turmeric Skin Lightening Cream

Turmeric acts as a natural bleaching powder for the skin. Compounds present in this herb deeply penetrate into the skin and rejuvenate the skin completely. Moreover, the results are long-lasting. This active agent not only changes the color of skin from the outer surface but also revitalizes the skin from inside, leaving it soft, supple and young looking.

Turmeric Skin Lightening Recipe

If you are searching for a worthy product for skin lightening containing turmeric, then give a pause. We have good news for you! Now you don’t have to spend big bucks for a best quality skin lightening cream. You can make your own cream with a few natural ingredients at home itself. In fact, this cream prepared by you is going to have zero side effects.

Collect Things for Skin Lightening Cream

  1. 2 Lemons
  2. Almond oil
  3. Honey- 2 tablespoon
  4. Rose water- 10ml
  5. Glycerin- 5ml
  6. Turmeric powder- 2 tablespoon
  7. A bowl
  8. A container

Steps to Make Skin Lightening Cream

  1. Blend the almonds (dry) to a fine powder.
  2. Take turmeric in a bowl and combine it with almond oil.
  3. Now, add lemon juice, honey, and glycerin to it. Mix it well.
  4. Finally, add Rose water (Gulab Jal) to the mixture slowly. Keep stirring until all the ingredients blend completely.
  5. When ready, pour the mixture into a clean Jar/ Container. Store at a cool place.

Tip: You can also add yogurt to it

If you still wish to buy a skin lightening cream from the market, then the Best product for skin lightening as per our suggestion is Vicco Turmeric Ayurvedic cream.

What Can Be the Side Effects of Using Turmeric for Skin Lightening?

Turmeric is a natural herb which is generally considered safe for use. But for pregnant women, it is advised to consult their doctors before using turmeric.

On the other hand, it depends on your way of using it. If you are consuming it directly, there may be potential side effects, but if you just rub it to your skin then it is completely harmless.

Turmeric Skin Lightening Review

You can see enough positive reviews on Google to verify benefits of Turmeric for improving the texture and color of skin.

Anti-oxidant, Anti-aging, Anti-fungal, Anti-bacterial, and Anti-inflammatory are some of many wonderful attributes of turmeric. It possesses the power to gives the skin a long-lasting radiance. It also protects the skin from ultraviolet rays of the Sun and maintains the originality of pigments of the skin.


After analyzing the pros and cons of turmeric what we found so far in our result is, this natural herb is too good to be used for skin lightening. For it, being a natural solution, you’ll never get any side effect. It not only switches your dark complexion to a fair one but also improves the health of your skin. Another benefit is it is easily available and easy to use.

If you like our article, how to use turmeric for skin lightening, then share it with your firends and family.


12 Turmeric Milk Benefits You Must Know

12 Turmeric Milk Benefits You Must Know

List of 12 Awesome Turmeric Milk Benefits
Now we are going to tell you some top turmeric milk benefits, which will help you a lot if you start drinking turmeric milk every day.

1. Turmeric Milk Improves Immunity
Turmeric is an excellent tonic that helps improve the immunity of the body, of all ages, especially small children. In today’s world, where all of our eatables, even the whole environment is polluted, and highly affected by various kinds of bacteria, one cup of turmeric milk before bedtime in the night can save you from a variety of diseases.

A daily habit of drinking turmeric milk can make your immune system enough stronger to fight different diseases.

2. Turmeric Milk for Cough and Cold
In the winter season, most of the children face cold, and flu problem. Turmeric milk is the best for these kinds of problems. If you give a cup of turmeric milk to your child in the morning (empty stomach) and before bedtime at night, then, this will solve his entire cold and flu problem without causing any trouble.

Turmeric has antiviral and antibacterial properties, which helps us to fight infections. Best time for drinking turmeric milk is before bedtime. If you are suffering from a cough, cold or any other respiratory disease, then this remedy will work for you at best.

Turmeric has a property to increase mucus production which removes microbes and treats respiratory system in a better way.

3. Turmeric Milk Improve Digestive Problems
Today many people face different kinds of food digestion problem due to their bad eating habits. Most of the people eat fast food and this type of food decreases their digestion power. Hence, they start facing constipation and gas problems.

But we have a solution of such kind of digestive problems in our home itself, and that is turmeric milk. One glass of turmeric milk before bedtime will improve your digestive system wonderfully.

4. Natural Liver Tonic
The lifestyle of people is wholly changed nowadays. They eat and drink a lot, but they don’t have time to exercise. Some people are addicted to alcohol badly, and this habit leads to several liver diseases like live cirrhosis, fatty liver etc.

Our Liver gets engaged in a chemical process easily nowadays. As a result, through food and drinks, a number of chemicals enter our the body which includes a wide variety of environmental pollutants. These things cause liver problems.

Turmeric has hepatoprotective and detoxifying properties which heal the liver and helps to detoxify these chemicals from our body.

5. Benefits of Turmeric Milk for Skin
Turmeric is very useful for skin problems. You can use turmeric paste on your face, which is very helpful for reducing acne, and skin lighting, making your skin smoother.

Regular use of turmeric milk gives relief from eczema. Eczema is a skin problem, which develops in the skin of those people who have a weak immune system and less toxin accumulation. Turmeric milk helps to improve our immune system and detoxify chemicals from our body. Daily use of turmeric milk also good for lightning the skin.

6. Use of Turmeric Milk as a Blood Purifier
Nowadays, foods and drinks available in the market are wrapped with a lot of chemicals. When they enter our body on a daily basis, we get used to them. Moreover, they get mixed up with our blood, causing lots of diseases.

The toxin in the blood causes many kinds of skin problems and affects our heart as well. So, if we will drink turmeric milk daily, then it not only will detoxify chemicals from our blood but also will save us from many blood-related diseases. It also improves blood circulation in the body.

7. Turmeric Milk for Headache
One glass of warm turmeric milk is a perfect remedy for a headache. Sometimes due to constipation or gas, people face headache problems.

Thinning effect of turmeric improves the blood circulation. If anyone is suffering from a migraine, then turmeric milk is very beneficial for them.

8. Turmeric Milk Improve Reproductive Health of Women
Turmeric is a perfect remedy for the reproductive health of women. Women who are facing the problem of conceiving due to hormonal insufficiency, turmeric milk is ideal for them. It increases the fertility.

Turmeric milk also gives a heavy relief from pain at the time of Menstruation and also give a solution to the problem of post-menopausal symptoms.

Note: It is not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding ladies.

9. Turmeric Milk Give Relief from Arthritis Pain
Turmeric milk is used to give temporary relief from arthritis pain. Being an Anti-inflammatory agent, turmeric works well in this condition. If you’ll use turmeric with coconut milk, then it’ll give you more relief then normal turmeric milk.

10. Turmeric Milk Improve Sleeping
Regular use of Turmeric milk removes the problem of insomnia and improves our sleeping in the night. Drink warm turmeric milk before bedtime and see the magic!

Amino acid tryptophan increases the serotonin levels in the brain; this neurotransmitter chemical is responsible for the relaxation, sleeping and calm mood. Milk contains tryptophan which is responsible for improving our sleeping. But, due to other amino acids in milk, the bioavailability of tryptophan to the brain is low. However, when you drink turmeric milk it elevates insulin levels in the blood which increases the intake of amino acids into body tissues. It also leaves tryptophan, making it available for the brain to produce serotonin. That is why turmeric milk is a very good remedy for sleeping.

11. Benefits of Turmeric Milk for Weight Loss
Turmeric has a thermogenic action which is responsible for the burning of calories and helps us in weight management.

Turmeric also has anti-diabetic properties. Sometimes, the problem of diabetes increases weight. Turmeric milk’s anti-diabetic properties also help us in weight loss.

12. Benefits of Turmeric Milk for Hair
Turmeric milk is good for getting more thick hair. People who have lower zinc level in their body have thin hair. If you drink turmeric milk with honey, then it can help increase hair fast.
Till now, in this article, we shared all the information related to the benefits of Turmeric milk, but now, we are going to discuss how to prepare turmeric milk.

How to Make Turmeric Milk
You can use any kind of milk to make turmeric milk, like full-fat milk or skimmed milk, it depends on you.
To make turmeric milk, you’ll need below-mentioned ingredients:

½ tablespoon of turmeric
1 cup of milk
½ cup of water
2-3 black peppercorns
Mix warm milk, water and turmeric powder over low heat. Bring to a boil and simmer it for 10 minutes. This will reduce the milk to one cup. After that turn off the heat and add crushed black pepper in it.

Quick Tip: Add one tablespoon of butter or coconut oil in a small pan and add ½ tsp of turmeric powder. Keep it over low heat and stirring the mixture until the fat melts completely. After that add one cup of warm milk and drink it warm.

We hope that you guys liked our article about turmeric milk benefits. You can also share this article with your friends and family. Don’t forget to leave a comment in the comment box, so that we can provide you more related articles.

Amazing Benefits of Turmeric Water

Amazing Benefits of Turmeric Water

Well, Turmeric is not a metal but a natural herb which is as eminent as gold. It can be easily found in parts of Southern Asia, especially India and can be even grown in the kitchen garden itself. This vigorous plant has a long history of medicinal use. Turmeric is not only used as a principal spice in cooking but also as a crucial component used in health care.

Moreover, its physical appearance slightly resembles with Ginger because both of them belong to the same family. Don’t worry about the confusion! It is very easy to differentiate between ginger and turmeric as the color of both of them varies. Ginger Extract will be brownish White/ Transparent while the extract of Turmeric will have pure yellow extract.

Turmeric is probably the most powerful herb on Earth and therefore its name was also derived from a Latin word “Terra Merita” meaning “Meritorious Earth”. However, Scientists call it Curcuma Longa. Turmeric is also famous worldwide by another name Curcumin, which is a compound/chemical produced from turmeric. Curcumin is considered as the main active ingredient present in Turmeric, possessing powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. There are many Curcumin oral supplements available in the market, but the best way to have it is in powdered form with water. Let’s discuss the benefits of Turmeric Water in detail.


Top 5 Amazing Benefits of Turmeric Water

1. Turmeric Water Aids Cancer

Turmeric is a root crop with yellow-orange flesh. Its popularity for being a spice has spread all across the globe, but the unknown fact about turmeric that people may not be aware of is its wonderful cancer-treating properties. Nowadays, Turmeric is being used as a complementary therapy with conventional cancer treatments. Studies have shown that this active ingredient can actually help in the prevention of several forms of cancers including breast, lung, stomach, and liver. This is just because of its highly effective anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Benefits of Drinking Turmeric Water in the Morning for Cancer Treatment

Based on researches done by scientists it has been proved that drinking turmeric water in morning has following benefits over cancer treatment:

  • Consumption of Turmeric inhibits COX-2, which is responsible for causing negative inflammation during cancer formation.
  • Turmeric water helps to impede vascular epithelial growth which makes cancer cells crave for oxygen and fuel sources.
  • Most importantly, Turmeric water induces tumor suppressor genes in the body.
  • It is all because of Curcumin, the key component present in Turmeric. Curcumin’s anti-cancer action helps resist cancer cells from spreading one organ to other.
  • Turmeric, when consumed orally, helps prevent re-growth of cancer stem cells.

2. Turmeric Water Keeps Diabetes at Bay

Diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs when there is a disruption in sugar level of the body. It can strike anyone, anytime, and nowadays has become too common to capture every next person. It involves a number of diseases which are directly associated with the pancreas, producing insulin hormone. Once you get trapped in this, it becomes hard to come out. All you can to do is manage this disease to stay fit.

Benefits of Drinking Turmeric in Warm Water

Here, Turmeric is that wonderful herb which lends a helping hand to people suffering from diabetes. Turmeric has been used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines for centuries. Treating diabetes is one of the many favors it does for body health.

Start daily oral consumption of turmeric to get rid of abrupt sugar level from your body. To get the wholesome benefits out from the turmeric, try taking turmeric with warm water instead of turmeric with cold water. This will not only control your ongoing diabetes but will also prevent pre-diabetes as well. Based on researches done by scientists it has been proved that drinking turmeric in warm water has following benefits in diabetes treatment.

  • According to some clinical trials, it has been proved that Curcumin, present in turmeric has the potential to decrease the level of glucose in the blood. Also, this anti-diabetic herb can help vanish away several diabetes-related complications.
  • Consumption of turmeric in warm water helps suppresses the activities of white blood cells called macrophages that cause inflammation. This reduction in inflammation could potentially slow down many diabetes-related complications.
  • Curcumin improves insulin function. Oral consumption of turmeric reduces insulin resistance by helping insulin get into cells and hence, helps reduces diabetes problem.
  • Curcumin plays a major role in diabetes treatment as it protects beta cells, which produce insulin. In a Study, it was found that beta cells grew faster and lived longer in subjects who consumed turmeric in warm water daily for a specific period of time.

3. Turmeric Water Helps You Stay Young Forever

With a growing age, the texture our skin also changes. This change is nothing but a reflection of some inner changes that occur within our body because of hormones. If you compare a younger skin with an aging skin, you’ll find a lot of difference. Younger skin is softer, smoother and glows with a freshness. On the other hand, aging skin incorporates a rough skin texture with lots of defects like deep fine lines, dark spots, sagged skin and pigmentation. Now the question is how turmeric would turn an aging skin to a youthful skin? Relax! We are going to answer all your queries one by one.

Using turmeric for Wrinkles is an ancient but powerful remedy!

Turmeric boasts some skin-friendly compounds like peptides and curcuminoids in it which helps keep the skin vibrant. Fortunately, these compounds counteract inflammatory proteins and suppress the hormones causing skin damage.

Benefits of Drinking Turmeric Water for Skin

This wonder herb is perfect to tackle variable skin conditions like psoriasis, acne, eczema and many more. Turmeric is a rich source of vitamins B, Vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids, sodium, potassium, volatile oils, fibers, carbohydrates, and proteins. It is a complete package of essential nutrients and minerals that a body needs to stay fit. If you start drinking turmeric water daily and continue this action for a month, this, surely going to prevent and repair damages caused to the skin’s epidermis, dermis, and hair due to chronic sun exposure. Sun exposure is the root cause of signs of aging like wrinkled skin and age spots.

Benefits of Drinking Turmeric Water for Aging Skin

Antiseptic and antioxidant properties of Turmeric water can benefit the aging skin in following manners:

  • Improves skin discoloration
  • Reduces size of pores in the skin
  • Prevents wrinkle formation
  • Reduce fine lines
  • Treats uneven skin tone

4. Turmeric Water Detoxifies the Liver

In our daily life, we eat/ consume so many things which are undesirable in each and every manner for our body. These harmful chemicals, when taken inside, corrode the liver. We do not realize this, as the effects are minimal but with a slow and steady pace, it damages the whole unit of the liver. Now how to tear off this waste composition? Well, Turmeric will help you in this attrition!

Remedy: Consume Turmeric Water at Night

In a study done by few scientists, it has been said that a compound present in Turmeric named Curcumin is well efficient in stimulating bile production by the gallbladder. It is bile, which washes away the toxic chemicals from liver and turmeric boosts up its power. Moreover, it helps rejuvenates the cells in the liver that helps break down harmful compounds, stuck in our liver. Do you know ointment containing turmeric is used by doctors to relieve the effects of poisoned food? Yes, doctors themselves use this medical herb to cure many diseases and suggest their patients as well.

A glass of turmeric water before bed will flush out all the toxins you consumed whole day!

Consumption of turmeric water before going to bed will work same as oil works for a machine. It will detoxify the blood, purify it, reduce inflammation and remove internal blood clotting if there is any. Apart from this, your liver gets completely cleansed when you wake up in the morning.

Simple Turmeric Tea Recipe

For instance, you didn’t like the taste of turmeric water; you can drink turmeric tea as well. All you have to do is just boil four cups of water, add one spoon of tea and one teaspoon of ground turmeric. You can also add lemon or honey to taste.

5. Turmeric Water Helps Reduce Weight

Obesity has become a major health concern for youth, adults and even senior citizens globally. There has been a lot of news about increased risks of health issues due to overweight. Well, it’s not like we are not aware of the causes that lead to overweight, but the fact is we ignore things and opt for careless activities. A daily work out is sufficient to solve the whole problem but who gets this much time from a busy schedule? So, here we come up with a complete package of solutions for overweight problems, that’s turmeric.

Benefits of Drinking Turmeric Water in Morning

Turmeric is one of those few natural remedies that help us in shedding excess weight easily and safely. If you prefer drinking turmeric water early in the morning, you’ll get lots of benefits over weight loss. To check how turmeric works for a desirable weight loss, read below.

  • Turmeric helps prevent accumulation of fat in your adipose tissues.
  • Daily consumption of Turmeric, in the morning, burns excessive calories you gained previous day.
  • Turmeric stimulates heat production in the body which is an integral part of weight loss process.
  • Curcumin, a bioactive compound present in turmeric suppresses obesity-related inflammation in the body. This reduced inflammation results in reducing crave of a person for food consumption.

Best Way to Drink Turmeric Water

Not every method is right when it comes to consumption of turmeric. So, here is the turmeric water recipe for those who need it desperately for a perfect weight loss. Well, first and the foremost thing you’ll need here is 2 glasses of filtered water, then, a half teaspoon of turmeric and lastly, one teaspoon of honey. Boil the water after adding turmeric into it. Stir in honey now and let it boil till it reduces to one glass water. Drinking this mixture in the morning, will give you a healthy dose of antioxidants and will maintain perfect body fitness.

Are You Thinking About Drinking Turmeric Water in Empty Stomach Side Effects?

Drinking turmeric water while empty stomach might cause acid reflux. Do not try this!

  • If you are on any medication, it would be better to consult your doctor before you start consuming turmeric for weight loss.
  • Pregnant women and lactating moms should leave the thought of turmeric consumption.
  • If you are scheduled to undergo a surgery, stop taking turmeric at least two weeks before the day of your operation.
  • Benefits of Turmeric water depends on its usage and are for a limited period of time. Overuse may harm the body.
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