Success Stories

“Before finding Renegade Gym I spent thousands of dollars on so called “experts,” none of whom have ever provided me with the results that he has. While training at Renegade, my body weight went from 195 to 250, my squat went up to 560 pounds, I benched 440, and set the school record in the hang clean at 375 pounds, all while simultaneously improving my vertical jump and forty time.”
Chris Carey

Columbia University Football Team Captain

“Training at Renegade for the past 5 or 6 years has changed my life. After suffering jeff-dannunzio2two shoulder operations I came to Renegade to help me get back on the baseball field stronger than ever. Because of the training I was able to fight through adversity and become one of the top baseball players in the state my senior year posting great numbers, receiving top accolades and getting to play at the college of my choice. There is nothing in the world like this gym. The intensity, the fire, the motivation, the atmosphere, the music… it’s a real life changer. Thanks for everything, guys. “
Jeff D’Annunzio
Catholic University Baseball

paul-m2“Training at Renegade Gym is awesome. Following the Renegade programs for over a year now I have lost fat and put on muscle. At 45 years of age I’m kickin’ ass in the gym and and keeping up with the 25 year olds. The Renegade style of training is extremely beneficial for law enforcement and firefighters. The system allows you to obtain maximum benefit in minimum time, no BS training here. I am in debt to Jason and Renegade Gym for allowing me to reach beyond my potential. ”
Lieutenant Paul Millerjoey-scott2 
New Jersey State Trooper

“Training at Renegade enabled me to gain 24 pounds of muscle, throw faster than ever, come back from a possible career ending injury and fulfill a dream of getting drafted by a big league team. Looking back now I can honestly say that my time training at Renegade was even more enjoyable than playing college ball at Seton Hall University or even playing at the pro level. That’s how much I love Renegade. There’s nothing in the world that compares to it. ”
Joey Scott
Oakland A’s

gym-pics-3552“Training at Renegade for the last nine years has not only made me bigger, stronger and faster but I have also learned how to discipline and mentally prepare myself for anything I encounter. I recently finished my football career where I was only the second player in school history to be both a two time captain and all conference player. Training at Renegade is so much more than just “working out;” it’s a way of life. There’s no other gym that can possibly compare. There is nothing like training in this environment.  Aside from comparing Renegade to my collegiate football days, there is nothing I’ve experienced that rivals that feeling.”
Mike Schwalb
Gettysburg College Football Team Captainjason-sharber

“While training at Renegade, I rehabbed a serious injury, lost twenty pounds, got significantly stronger and felt better than I ever have in my entire life. The whole experience was unlike anything I had ever been a part of before and it got to the point where going to Renegade was what I looked forward to most on a daily basis. “
Jason Sharber
Pittsburgh Pirates

“Training at Renegade was a huge key to my success on the basketball court at Watchung Hills. Going into my second season I wanted to start as a sophomore and Renegade helped me do that while also helping me receive all county and all area honors. After going to prep school in CT for two years, I started to play football for the first time as a repeat junior.  The Renegade program boosted my level of play and helped me start two years at DB and receive all New England honors. Renegade was a major influence on helping me achieve my goal of playing a Division 1 sport and I recommend them to any determined and dedicated athlete. ” 
Joe D’A
Bucknell University Football

“Thanks in large part to training at Renegade I was able to fulfill a dream and become a member of the UVA field hockey team. I gained 19 pounds of lean muscle, squatted 225, deadlifted 285, bench pressed 135 and was the strongest, fastest player on my team. My shots were so hard that I actually broke two girls’ legs this season when they got in my line of fire. The camaraderie and competition create an atmosphere and an experience unlike anything else out there, and I would never train anywhere else.”
Jen McCallum
University of Virginia Field Hockeymatt-giannini1

“I added five miles per hour to my fast ball and got in the best shape of my life training at Renegade Gym. Working with Jason was absolutely essential to getting where I am today and is essential for me to take my skills to the next level. “
Matt Giannini

Rutgers University Baseball

“Training at Renegade has changed the way I think about fitness and nutrition.  I try to tell people the type of place I lift at, my mom wonders why I just don’t go to a public gym with her, but she doesn’t understand. I’ve spent so much time at Renegade this summer it’s become a second home to me. There hasn’t been a workout where I’ve wanted to throw in the towel, I’m always “in”, no matter what kind of day I had or what stress I’m under. Renegade gets the adrenaline going and now I’m addicted..  Don’t be just a statistic or a follower, but a renegade…”
Joey Giamo
Wesleyan College Football & Baseball

“If you are not using the Renegade strength and conditioning programs you are getting out trained; plain and simple. I am almost 51 and still play semi pro baseball (and just stopped playing football a couple years ago) with guys half my age, thanks in large part to the Renegade program and Jay’s help.” 
David Larkan
Owner, Today’s Man Magazine

“Training with Jay has gone far beyond the gym. His advice on nutrition and lifestyle has been as much an inspiration as his muscle and strength building workouts. With his knowledge and intense training, I was able to recover from a shoulder injury and go on to play college baseball. Without his guidance, I would not be where I am today.” 
Cody Mang
Gettysburg College Baseball

“I literally take a train out to New Jersey every Saturday from NYC to Renegade Gym because the training is second to none!  In college they helped me gain muscle and pursue my dream of playing division I volleyball and soccer at Columbia University.  After college, with the Renegade training techniques, I was able to break into the competitive world of fitness modeling and place in national level fitness competitions. I highly recommend Renegade Gym to all females looking to improve their strength, athletic ability and appearance.”
Katherine Griffith
Fitness Model
Former Soccer & Volleyball Player at Columbia University

“After seeing the incredible results in size, strength and speed my friends were getting at Renegade Gym I decided to try it out for myself. While training there one summer I gained muscle, got noticeably leaner and faster and increased my bench press by 35 pounds in less than twelve weeks.” 
Jay Frank Linebacker,
Northeastern University

“Before I started training at Renegade, I thought I knew everything.  But in fact I knew nothing.  My technique was wrong, my attitude was wrong, and basically my whole program was wrong.  Now I’m at 195 pounds and feel a lot stronger, my form is better, and I go in the gym with a positive attitude.  Jay definitely knows what he’s doing and he’s damn good at it.” Dexter Cua

“Thanks to Jason’s incomparable knowledge and kick ass strength and conditioning program I have fully reloaded my arsenal and am one step closer to making my dreams of playing in the big leagues come true. While training at Renegade I packed on 19 lbs of muscle, lost 11 lbs of body fat and got stronger and faster than I had ever been in my entire career. Thanks for everything Jay!” 
Ray Navarrete
New York Mets

“Jason Ferruggia is the leading performance enhancement coach in the fitness industry. When I was searching for a training adviser for Men’s Fitness, I knew I needed a partner I could trust to help me distill all the training knowledge out there into what REALLY works, and better yet, what works FAST. There was no one better to fill that role than Jason, who has elevated Men’s Fitness training advice so far above the mainstream magazine norm that even I can’t wait to read it every month! His info has helped me gain over 20 pounds so far and I’m just getting started. You can’t fail when he’s in your corner.” 
Sean Hyson
CSCS, fitness editor for Men’s Fitness magazine

“The Renegade system has changed my body and my lifestyle. I used to be one of those girls in the gym who was afraid to pick up a weight, would spend hours on the treadmill running and got nowhere. It wasn’t until Renegade that I finally started seeing results. I’m strong, healthy, and have the energy to do the things I love to do. Thanks to Renegade I was able to get lean in time to compete for the Miss New Jersey USA Pageant and was confident enough to be  strutting the stage being judged from head to toe in a swimsuit.  While other girls feared this portion of the competition, I was excited for it and was able to place in the Top Five, as 2nd Runner- up.  Renegade Gym will help anyone lose fat, build muscle, and gain confidence.” 
Alyson Golkin

“Jason Ferruggia is the coach that other coaches go to when looking for answers. He weeds out all the BS and gives you practical, in-the-trenches training information that works – Period. If you’re looking for results or just want the straight truth on training then contact Jason today.” 
Patrick Beith
World Renowned Speed Coach

“After a disappointing freshman year of college football I knew I needed Renegade Gym. In my first summer training there, I put on 10 pounds of muscle, became noticeably more flexible and significantly faster and stronger. My bench went up 45 pounds and my squats more than 60 pounds. This season I became the starter and go-to wide receiver. The results speak for themselves but one thing I will always remember is the atmosphere and the fact that everyone in the gym becomes like a part of your family when you train at Renegade. ” 
Chris Giannini
Muhlenberg College Football

“Without Renegade Gym I wouldn’t be half the player I am today. My speed has increased and my agility behind the plate is second to none. I also set a high school record for longest homerun. Jay has so much knowledge it’s unbelievable. He is also one the the greatest guys you’ll ever meet. You can’t go wrong when you train at Renegade.” 
Pat Doyle
TCNJ Baseball

“Training at Renegade helped me fulfill a life long dream of getting to play professional baseball. The atmosphere and the results speak for themselves. There’s no better place to train.” 
Anthony Serateli
Professional Baseball Player

“Deciding to train at Renegade is hands down the best decision I ever made and it was exactly the push I was looking for. Prior to Renegade, I was in decent shape but I was tired of not seeing any real results and was ready for a challenge. I was frustrated because I knew I could take it to the next level but didn’t know how. I knew my body was capable of it and Renegade was the place to help me achieve it. I have tightened up in places on my body I never thought possible. This experience has opened my eyes to a whole other level because it’s not just about looking fit but also about getting stronger. I no longer consider it “working out”, I “train hard” now and love every minute of it. I don’t ever see myself belonging to another conventional gym again”. 
Alyson Iannacone

“After suffering several career-threatening injuries I contacted Jason to help get me back on the field. After working with him for a few months at Renegade Gym I not only got back on the field but I finished second in the Big East in stolen bases and helped lead Seton Hall to the Big East Championship. Without Jason’s training and guidance I may have never had the opportunity to finish my college career and may have never experienced professional baseball. Jason’ knowledge is priceless and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to achieve greatness. He is a genius!” Joe Cuervo
Professional Baseball Player

“Renegade has put the fun back into training, helping me break boundaries I never thought were physically possible as well as taking my performance on the playing field to a new level. Training at Renegade has always been a great experience and one I will never forget.” 
Brandon Cohen
Professional Baseball Player

“Jason Ferruggia is the absolutely best of the best.  Whenever I have ANY questions whatsoever about trying to pack on muscle fast, he’s the man I recommend.  His ability to create the strongest, fastest, biggest athletes is second to none.  I’m lucky I have instant access to such a knowledgeable coach … I’m also lucky he’s created such incredible programs so everyone can benefit!” 
Dr. Chris Mohr
World Renowned Nutrition Expert

“Training at Renegade Gym has been a life altering experience for me. I started training there shortly after my 41st birthday in an effort to get in a little better shape. Within a few weeks I was obsessed with training. In my first year I increased my bench press from 155 to 275 and gained 20 pounds of muscle. I have never been stronger and I can’t remember feeling better, both mentally and physically, than I do right now at age 47.” 
Mark Crook

“I have trained with Jay now for over eleven years and have gone from 170 pounds to 235 in that time frame. I squatted over 500 pounds and pulled close to 600. Training at Renegade Gym has been one of the greatest experiences of my life and I have seen countless amounts of people have life-changing experiences training there. Renegade Gym is undoubtedly a leader in the strength and conditioning industry.” 
Todd Coker
“Drexel University Baseball

“I came to Renegade in terrible shape and in need of a major transformation. They helped me gain muscle, lose over 30 pounds of body fat and get in the best shape of my life. I would highly recommend Renegade Gym to anyone who is serious about training at the highest level.” 
Chris Noonan
St. Louis Cardinals

“Jay got my lazy ass in shape with this cutting edge training techniques and helped me make some major diet and lifestyle changes that made a huge difference almost instantly. While using the Renegade methods, I get great results and feel way better than I ever have before.” Constantine Maroulis
American Idol
The Bold & The Beautiful

“While training at Renegade Gym I gained over 40 pounds of muscle. My squat and deadlift both pete-ricciowent up over 100 pounds and my I added nearly 70 pounds to my bench press. The gains I got while using his programs helped me earn a spot on the Villanova baseball team. Thanks guys.” 
Pete Riccio
Villanova University Baseball

“Training at Renegade played a huge part in my success as a baseball player at Seton Hall University and I would highly recommend Jason’s methods to anyone looking to become a better athlete.” Mike Morano Seton Hall University Baseball

ereece21“Whenever I have to get ready to go on tour or to get in extra great shape for a part I’m playing, I always go to Jay Ferruggia cause he’s the best in the business.  He never let’s me down and his knowledge is unsurpassed!”
E Reece Musician/Actor“I started following the Renegade program 12 weeks ago.  I was looking for ways to increase my strength and put on about 10 lbs of lean muscle mass after hitting somewhat of a plateau.  I started out at 5’9” and 120 lbs. The changes in my workout routine combined with altering my eating habits yielded great results.  I am now 133 lbs and my body fat percentage hovers at 13%.  I also saw my legs greatly improve in appearance and strength. This is the best I have ever looked and I am thrilled!  I am a huge advocate of the Renegade training methods!” Melissa Villoldo

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