Fad Diets

Fad Diets

Fad diets are just that … a diet … to be used short term.

They usually promise quick weight loss and are only a good for a quick fix.

They are not weight loss programs. They do not teach or encourage habits that will lead to Effective Weight Loss.

Each diet is unique in some way. Follow them with caution. Most of them are very low in calories. and a lot of them just plain don’t make any sense at all.

You can easily spot a fad. Often times they rely on a certain type of food or eliminate entire food groups. They promise that by using their… unique twist … That you can trick your body’s metabolism and lose weight rapidly.

Fad diets are not to be followed for a long period of time. Usually no longer than a week.

Many fad diets are named after …

Famous places

  • The Beverly Hills Diet
  • The Hawaii Diet
  • The Hollywood Diet
  • The Jerusalem Diet
  • The Miami Diet
  • The Mayo Clinic Diet aka The Grapefruit Diet
    (this plan is not endorsed by the Mayo Clinic)

The types of food you’ll be eating …

    • The Grapefruit Diet
    • The Cabbage Soup Diet
    • The Fruit Diet
    • The Bread and Butter Diet
    • The Chocolate Diet
    • Apple Cider Vinegar Diet

The length of time of the diet …

        • The 24 hour diet
        • The 3 day diet
        • The 4 day diet
        • The 7 day diet

Fad diets can be harmful and shouldn’t be followed. Most of them are extremely low in calories and may cause nutrient deficiencies. They do not change the habits that caused your weight gain in the first place.

They entice us by the promise of obtaining a slim beautiful body without any effort or exercise. They may advertise by using actors that are portrayed as doctors.

It’s time that you stop following every fad diet that peeps it’s head out at you. You may be ruining your health and you’ve probably not lost any weight.
Find a healthy weight loss program to achieve your goals.

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