Meal Replacement – Liquid Diets

Meal Replacement – Liquid Diets

Liquid diets are known as meal replacement diets or formula diets. If you are looking for rapid weight loss with just a little effort then a meal replacement diet may be right for you.

While following a this plan you will generally eat one balanced meal per day. The other two meals and snacks consist of a liquid formula drink or a meal replacement bar.

On most plans you are also encouraged to eat fruits as some of your snacks.

Benefits of Liquid Diets

There’s not much planning involved. There’s no calorie counting or measuring portions. Meal replacement liquid diets are an easy “no brainer” way to lose weight.

A drawback is that it’s hard to learn portion control to maintain your weight loss. It’s not reasonable to think that you can follow liquid diets for life.

While following liquid diets you may want to sign up for an online program for support and encouragement. Once you’ve lost your weight an online program will be able to help you transition into maintenance and teach you the required skills needed to keep the weight off.

Most liquid diets give you a choice of purchasing the formula in a ready made drink form, a powder that you’ll mix with a liquid, meal replacement bars and snack bars.

Popular Liquid Diets

Slim Fast
The Slim Fast Optima Diet  is probably the best known formula diet there is. It is rated as the second best weight loss program by Consumer Reports.

While following the Slim Fast plan you will eat one healthy sensible meal per day. You can snack on vegetables and fruits. It also allows you to incorporate your favorite foods into your plan. You can purchase Slim Fast Optima shakes and bars at your local grocery store or at a nearby Wal-Mart.

Increase your chances of success when you follow the Slim Fast Optima Diet thru eDiets.  You’ll be able to interact with others following the same plan. You’ll also learn the skills needed to maintain your weight loss. And if you want to you can discuss your plan with a licensed dietician.

eDiets offers three plans for you to choose from – a low fat plan, low carb plan or a combination plan. It’s an easy plan to follow and promotes quick weight loss. Visit Slim Fast Optima Diet at eDiets  now.

Over 1,000,000 people have lost weight with Medifast . It is a highly effective formula diet that has been around for over 25 years.

Medifast has what they call a “5 and 1″ weight loss plan. Every day you eat 5 Medifast meals and 1 regular meal consisting of lean meat and veggies.
The Medifast Diet  has been clinically proven to be safe and effective at Johns Hopkins. They offer plans for women, men and diabetics.
Medifast offers over 50 meals to choose from – shakes, bars, drinks, oatmeal, chili, soups, pudding and more. They also provide a physician information sheet for you to print out and take to your doctor.
For more information visit Medifast  now.

Cambridge DietCambridge diet is also a well known formula diet. This is a VLCD Very Low Calorie Diet. It consists of the formula only. We strongly recommend that you consult your physician before going on this plan!. If you look at their website, you’ll find a list of people who should not use their product.

There are several health conditions and medications listed whereas Cambridge states if you are using these medications or have these health problems – then you shouldn’t use their product.

Their so called counselors are just trained sales reps.

Meal replacement and liquid diets are often compared to prepackaged diets. They are different.

Formula diets consist of meal replacement bars and shakes.

Prepackaged Diets offers complete meals and snacks that have been prepackaged for you.

A diet that consists 100% of liquids should only be undertaken under the direction and close supervision of a physician.

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