12 Turmeric Milk Benefits You Must Know

12 Turmeric Milk Benefits You Must Know

List of 12 Awesome Turmeric Milk Benefits
Now we are going to tell you some top turmeric milk benefits, which will help you a lot if you start drinking turmeric milk every day.

1. Turmeric Milk Improves Immunity
Turmeric is an excellent tonic that helps improve the immunity of the body, of all ages, especially small children. In today’s world, where all of our eatables, even the whole environment is polluted, and highly affected by various kinds of bacteria, one cup of turmeric milk before bedtime in the night can save you from a variety of diseases.

A daily habit of drinking turmeric milk can make your immune system enough stronger to fight different diseases.

2. Turmeric Milk for Cough and Cold
In the winter season, most of the children face cold, and flu problem. Turmeric milk is the best for these kinds of problems. If you give a cup of turmeric milk to your child in the morning (empty stomach) and before bedtime at night, then, this will solve his entire cold and flu problem without causing any trouble.

Turmeric has antiviral and antibacterial properties, which helps us to fight infections. Best time for drinking turmeric milk is before bedtime. If you are suffering from a cough, cold or any other respiratory disease, then this remedy will work for you at best.

Turmeric has a property to increase mucus production which removes microbes and treats respiratory system in a better way.

3. Turmeric Milk Improve Digestive Problems
Today many people face different kinds of food digestion problem due to their bad eating habits. Most of the people eat fast food and this type of food decreases their digestion power. Hence, they start facing constipation and gas problems.

But we have a solution of such kind of digestive problems in our home itself, and that is turmeric milk. One glass of turmeric milk before bedtime will improve your digestive system wonderfully.

4. Natural Liver Tonic
The lifestyle of people is wholly changed nowadays. They eat and drink a lot, but they don’t have time to exercise. Some people are addicted to alcohol badly, and this habit leads to several liver diseases like live cirrhosis, fatty liver etc.

Our Liver gets engaged in a chemical process easily nowadays. As a result, through food and drinks, a number of chemicals enter our the body which includes a wide variety of environmental pollutants. These things cause liver problems.

Turmeric has hepatoprotective and detoxifying properties which heal the liver and helps to detoxify these chemicals from our body.

5. Benefits of Turmeric Milk for Skin
Turmeric is very useful for skin problems. You can use turmeric paste on your face, which is very helpful for reducing acne, and skin lighting, making your skin smoother.

Regular use of turmeric milk gives relief from eczema. Eczema is a skin problem, which develops in the skin of those people who have a weak immune system and less toxin accumulation. Turmeric milk helps to improve our immune system and detoxify chemicals from our body. Daily use of turmeric milk also good for lightning the skin.

6. Use of Turmeric Milk as a Blood Purifier
Nowadays, foods and drinks available in the market are wrapped with a lot of chemicals. When they enter our body on a daily basis, we get used to them. Moreover, they get mixed up with our blood, causing lots of diseases.

The toxin in the blood causes many kinds of skin problems and affects our heart as well. So, if we will drink turmeric milk daily, then it not only will detoxify chemicals from our blood but also will save us from many blood-related diseases. It also improves blood circulation in the body.

7. Turmeric Milk for Headache
One glass of warm turmeric milk is a perfect remedy for a headache. Sometimes due to constipation or gas, people face headache problems.

Thinning effect of turmeric improves the blood circulation. If anyone is suffering from a migraine, then turmeric milk is very beneficial for them.

8. Turmeric Milk Improve Reproductive Health of Women
Turmeric is a perfect remedy for the reproductive health of women. Women who are facing the problem of conceiving due to hormonal insufficiency, turmeric milk is ideal for them. It increases the fertility.

Turmeric milk also gives a heavy relief from pain at the time of Menstruation and also give a solution to the problem of post-menopausal symptoms.

Note: It is not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding ladies.

9. Turmeric Milk Give Relief from Arthritis Pain
Turmeric milk is used to give temporary relief from arthritis pain. Being an Anti-inflammatory agent, turmeric works well in this condition. If you’ll use turmeric with coconut milk, then it’ll give you more relief then normal turmeric milk.

10. Turmeric Milk Improve Sleeping
Regular use of Turmeric milk removes the problem of insomnia and improves our sleeping in the night. Drink warm turmeric milk before bedtime and see the magic!

Amino acid tryptophan increases the serotonin levels in the brain; this neurotransmitter chemical is responsible for the relaxation, sleeping and calm mood. Milk contains tryptophan which is responsible for improving our sleeping. But, due to other amino acids in milk, the bioavailability of tryptophan to the brain is low. However, when you drink turmeric milk it elevates insulin levels in the blood which increases the intake of amino acids into body tissues. It also leaves tryptophan, making it available for the brain to produce serotonin. That is why turmeric milk is a very good remedy for sleeping.

11. Benefits of Turmeric Milk for Weight Loss
Turmeric has a thermogenic action which is responsible for the burning of calories and helps us in weight management.

Turmeric also has anti-diabetic properties. Sometimes, the problem of diabetes increases weight. Turmeric milk’s anti-diabetic properties also help us in weight loss.

12. Benefits of Turmeric Milk for Hair
Turmeric milk is good for getting more thick hair. People who have lower zinc level in their body have thin hair. If you drink turmeric milk with honey, then it can help increase hair fast.
Till now, in this article, we shared all the information related to the benefits of Turmeric milk, but now, we are going to discuss how to prepare turmeric milk.

How to Make Turmeric Milk
You can use any kind of milk to make turmeric milk, like full-fat milk or skimmed milk, it depends on you.
To make turmeric milk, you’ll need below-mentioned ingredients:

½ tablespoon of turmeric
1 cup of milk
½ cup of water
2-3 black peppercorns
Mix warm milk, water and turmeric powder over low heat. Bring to a boil and simmer it for 10 minutes. This will reduce the milk to one cup. After that turn off the heat and add crushed black pepper in it.

Quick Tip: Add one tablespoon of butter or coconut oil in a small pan and add ½ tsp of turmeric powder. Keep it over low heat and stirring the mixture until the fat melts completely. After that add one cup of warm milk and drink it warm.

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